Thankful Is As Thankful Does

Bob Moore


Description:Each Thanksgiving Day, we pause to remember the goodness of God and His boutiful blessings poured out on our nation. As Jesus Followers, we have so much more for which to be thankful than just our material blessings, but are we really thankful? Thankful is as thankful does!

All Possible Means

Bob Moore


Description:The largest poulation segment in America, dubbed "Millinneals", is overwhelming rejecting the church. What are those of us in the church willing to change to be more effective in reaching them? It depends on whether we see ourselves as club members or as missionaries. This message challenges us all to take a sobering look in the mirror and ask, "What is a generation worth... to us and to God?

What Do I Do With My Sin

Bob Moore


Description:This special Lord's Supper message based on Psalm 51 offers biblical counsel for how we should perceive and deal with our sin, and what God has done with our sin.

Silent No More

Bob Moore


Description:What is it that has the most potential to break your heart; that you would even be willing to die for? For most people, only devotion to family or country fits that description, but what about Jesus and his cause to reconcile people to God for all eternity? This message takes a look at the transformation of Peter, who ultimately risked everything for the sake of the gospel.

Spiritual Necessities

Bob Moore


Description:Our semi-annual outdoor "Worship Under the Oaks" brings attention to our calling beyond our church campus. The message on this special occasion reminds us that both crisis and success can make us more aware of the thirst inside us that can never be satisfied by anything or anyone in this world.


Bob Moore


Description:We will never be difference-makers until we love people like Jesus did. Love might include words, but it is never simply platitudes. The difference that we make in people's live will depend on how much we love, and how we love will be defined by what we DO!


Bob Moore


Description:When people attend your funeral one day, will they be able to say that you were a difference-maker? This short series takes a look at the early church that "turned the world upside-down" and identifies the character traits of people who spend their lives making a difference. The first of these is being a "giver".

Servant of Servants

Bob Moore


Description:This special message for Deacon Ordination reminds us that all of us are called to be servants. Although Deacons are expected to display certain character traits and spiritual maturity, God has not given them a different standard for godly living that He has for any other follower of Jesus.

God's Heartbeat

Bob Moore


Description:God's heartbeat is the rescue of humanity and the restoration of all creation. This message based on the Apostle Paul's encounter with the Athenians challenges us to consider whether our hearts are in sync with God's heart.

When Work is Bad

Bob Moore


Description:Work is a good thing... until it's not! This kind of work is not about our jobs, but our insistence on merit as the basis for acceptance... before God and each other. This message challenges us to grow to be more like Jesus; full of grace and truth.


Bob Moore


Description:Monday is the most unappreciated day of the week because it's inevitable association with work. We've always had something of a love-hate relationship with work, but should we? This message offers several good reasons why we should be counter-cultural in our attitudes about work.

Being the Body in a Hi-Tech, Low-Touch World 5

Bob Moore


Description:God is a realtional being, and He created us to live in community with Him and each other. Yet too many Jesus followers live disconnected from oter the members of the Body, settling for the suoerficial rather than the intimate. This message challenges us to reevaluate our relationships and allow love to be the catalyst for experiencing life-changing community.

Being the Body in a Hi-Tech, Low-Touch World 4

Bob Moore


Description:After the first three messages in this series, it's pretty clear how God has designed the Body of Christ to funtion. The painful reality for too many us is that our perception of the local church and our roles it no longer reflect that design. This message calls us back to a radical devotion to one another that is only made possible by a radical devotion to God.

Being the Body in a Hi-Tech, Low-Touch World 3

Bob Moore


Description:God is the Master Designer of the Body of Christ, the Church, and the members of the body need one another to be healthy and effective.

Being the Body in a Hi-Tech, Low-Touch World 2

Bob Moore


Description:The local church is more than a worship service! The church is the Body of Christ... one unit with many diverse parts performing their respective functions. This unity in diversity isn't just important to the health of the church; it's essential to the credibility of the message about Jesus that we proclaim.

Being the Body in a Hi-Tech, Low-Touch World

Bob Moore


Description:The Apostle Paul made clear that our approach to different people must consider their cultural context if we are going to avoid building barriers before they even have a change to consider Jesus' message. However, there are times when Jesus' Folowers must consicously live counter-culturally. This new message series takes a closer look at how God has designed the church family to function and how we must think and act to reflect that design.

Our Part in God's Story

Bob Moore


Description:I this excellent message by David Burgess based on the Book of Esther, we are reminded that God is sovereignly writing His story in history, and we must recognize the part that our lives play in it.

Kingdom People First

Bob Moore


Description:As we approach the 241st birthday of this great nation that we love, we are reminded that, as Jesus Followers, we are citizens of two distinct realms: one heavenly and one earthly. The greatest gift we could ever give to our country is to be Kingdom people first.

Fatherhood 101

Bob Moore


Description:There is so much involved in being a father, but some basics can be found in one of the most well-known verses in the Bible: John 3:16.

His Glory, Our Satisfaction

Bob Moore


Description:God has created us in such a way that our greatest satisfaction is found in living for His greatest glory... and not our own!

Living Wisely

Bob Moore


Description:This timely message by David Burgess offers some simple and biblical cousel for living wisely in a crazy world.

Sacrifice That Unifies

Bob Moore


Description:How could the disunity in our country possibly honor the countless patriots who laid down their lives to preserve "one nation, under God, indivisible..."? This special Memorial Day message reminds us of the sacrifical unity of "The Greatest Generation", while calling the church to greater unity in response to the sacrifice of Jesus.

Glorious Ambition

Bob Moore


Description:Ambition can be a very good thing, depending on how you define it. The Bible distinguishes bewteen selfish ambition and "glorious ambition". Glorifying God in everything we do and how we do it should be the ambition of every follower of Jesus. This message examines waht that looks like.

El Roi

Bob Moore


Description:Every mother feels partially or completely invisible from time to time, as though they were just a pair of hands or the embodiment of SIRI... only there to answer questions and find stuff. Then there are times when moms struggle with feelings of loneliness and insignificance. This special Mother's Day message based on the story of Hagar reminds us that our Heavenly Father is "The God Who Sees Me", but it's not just for mothers!

What Do You Want?

Bob Moore


Description:It's one of the more imortant questions in life. The truth is that we tend to do what we really want, and if we don't know what we want, we'll wander aimlessly through life. Jesus asked this question of two of his first disciples. Their answer gves some insight into a life of positive change and spiritual passion.

Burning Hearts

Bob Moore


Description:Do you remember that forst time that your heart burned for Jesus? You were so excited that you wanted everyone to know Jesus, and you didn't care if people thought you were a "freak". You had a deep sense of an eternal purpose that was bigger than you. Well, this message reminds us of the secret to having that burning heart for the Lord every day.

Our Risen Savior

Bob Moore


Description:"Who do you say I am?" It is the question of all questions that demands the answer of all answers. In our Hebrews series, we saw that Jesus was fully God, fully man and our Great High Priest. But what about the resurrection? Is Jesus our risen Savior? If not, then He was nothing more than a clever fraud! This Easter message tells us why.

Cry Out!

Bob Moore


Description:We call it Palm Sunday... The day when Jesus publicly presented Himself to the nation of Israel as their Messiah and King. The glorious occasion was filled with prophetic significance with lots of shouting and celebration, but what are lessons for us? This message suggests that there are some things that we still need to cry out to Jesus today.

All You Need - Part 3

Bob Moore


Description:As modern creatures, it's hard for us to fully appreciate the concept or the importance of the priesthood to Judaism. So the thought of Jesus being our "Great High Priest" might not move us either. It should... and this message from Hebrews tells us why.

All You Need - Part 2

Bob Moore


Description:If Jesus were not God, He would have no authority to forgive sins. But why is it so important that Jesus was fully human, as well? This message helps us to understand the importance of Jesus' humanity to God's plan of redemption and restoration.

All You Need - Part 1

Bob Moore


Description:We will never fully appreciate the suffering, crucifixion, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ until we have a firm grasp of the truths found in the Book of Hebrews. This series focuses on the supremacy and sufficiency of Christ and how that impacts our daily lives.

Hand to Hand

Bob Moore


Description:If we are going to effectively seek God's face and His heart, there are some things that we must receive from His hand... and we very much need to ask for them!

Heart to Heart

Bob Moore


Description:Seeking to be continually conscious of God's presence is impossible if we ignore God's heart. This message challenges us to make what matters most to God most important to us.

Face to Face

Bob Moore


Description:"Listen to me when I'm talking to you!" If you've never said that to your kids, you will. Eye to eye, face to face connections are more intimate, meaningful and communicate more clearly. This is the kind of relationship that God is calling us to have with Him... but how?

The Best is Yet to Come IF - Part 4

Bob Moore


Description:When was the last time you thought about the Kingdom of God and your place in it? Can't remember? You're not alone! This final message in this series calls us to make the Kingdom of God our obsession, but what does that actually mean?

Holes to Whole

Jeff Becraft


Description:This amazing creative worship experience led by Jeff Becraft offers much needed encouragement for all of us who struggle to overcome our weaknesses and failures.

The Best is Yet to Come IF - Part 3

Bob Moore


Description:We define the word "love" in all sorts of ways, but rarely do we describe it in terms of how we live. Well, that's exactly how Jesus described it, and if we're going to see our best days ahead, we'll have to more consistently live that kind of love IN-DEED.

The Best is Yet to Come IF - Part 2

Bob Moore


Description:This series explores some of the conditions that must be met, for our lives individually and our church collectively, if we are going to experience positive change and growth during this new year. In this message, we turn our attention to some of conditions that our church must meet.

The Best is Yet to Come IF - Part 1

Bob Moore


Description:New Year's resolutions are great! They come with a sense of encouragement for new beginnings... that we have a chance to make positive changes in our lives in the new year. Of course, accomplishing our resolutions involves plenty of conditions. In this new series, we will look at some of the conditions that must be met, for our lives individually and our church collectively, if we are going to experience positive change and growth moving forward. This message focuses on some basic obstacles that must be overcome... if the best is truly yet to come.

A Finisher's Heart

David Burgess


Description:Preparation and good intentions are great, but God calls us to be finishers. In this excellent message New Year's Day by David Burgess, we see the Apostle Paul's challenge to the Corinthian church...and to us... to have the heart of a finisher like the poor-but-sacrificially-generous Macedonians.

The Call of Christmas 2

Bob Moore


Description:God orchestrated that first Christmas the way He did because of the messages that He was communicating to us all. This mini-series looks at the call of God to some the principle characters of the Christmas story... and to all of us today.

The Call of Christmas 1

Bob Moore


Description:God orchestrated that first Christmas the way He did because of the messages that He was communicating to us all. This mini-series looks at the call of God to some the principle characters of the Christmas story... and to all of us today.

Children of Light 3

Bob Moore


Description:What is the point of being the Children of Light in a dark world if we separate ourselves from those living in darkness? This message reminds us that holiness is not an end goal, but a means to that goal: the fulfillment of the mission for which Jesus came into the world as the True Light.

Children of Light 2

Bob Moore


Description:We live in a world of seemingly overwhelming darkness, but the greater the darkness, the more noticable the light. This message series based on Ephesians 5 challenges us to live as the Children of Light.

Children of Light 1

Bob Moore


Description:We live in a world of seemingly overwhelming darkness, but the greater the darkness, the more noticable the light. This message series based on Ephesians 5 challenges us to live as the Children of Light.

Get To or Got To?

Bob Moore


Description:Remember when you first met Jesus and you were excited about your new life? No one had to push you to worship God and do life together with your church family. You shared your faith becuse yu cared about the eternal destiny of the people around you, and you wanted them to know the fulfillment and joy that you had found. Do you still feel that way? This message calls us back the the days of "get to" rather than "got to".

Seventy Times Seven

Bob Moore


Description:Of all the things that believers in Jesus can do to draw attention to God, forgiveness of those who have hurt them shines the brightest. Forgiveness is at the heart of the gospel and the character of God, but it is contrary to human nature and reasoning. The truths in this message might just be the most difficult for us to swallow, but according to Jesus, they are not optional for His followers.

Questions in the Darkness

Bob Moore


Description:The toughest questions are the ones we ask in the darkness... when we're hurting, and grieving and confused. This message looks at the story of Lazarus, Martha and Mary and encourages us to trust God's heart when we cannot trace His hand.

The Greatest

Bob Moore


Description:Some questions are important. Some are the most important that will ever be asked because the answer reveals the most important thing. Ever. This encounter between Jesus and a Pharisee lawyer gives us the opportunity to understand the very heart of God, and see the monumental weakness of our own. This is not a feel-good message. But if we're willing to take a hard look into God's mirror, we might just find the answers that we and our nation so desperately need.

Bad Enough?

Bob Moore


Description:How bad is bad enough for someone to be excluded from our personal association or the Church's engagement and care? Hopefully, you will think that this is an odd, even offensive, question. Yet throughout the history of the church, we have too often gotten the answer WRONG, and we've done great harm to the cause of Christ as a result. This message allows Jesus' life and words to answer the question for us.